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With an exterior combining sophisticated style with the dynamism of an SUV, the Terios fits perfectly whether you're out in nature or in the heart of the city.


The New Terios 7-seater has just been launched. The front end and the rear is the same as the previous Terios, except for its extra length for the extra 2 seats. Looking from the side, it looks quite similar to a Toyota Fortuner, only a little smaller.


The Terios 7 shares the same outlook as the Terios / Rush we see everyday on the roads, but take a closer look and you’ll notice that the Terios 7 looks slightly elongated. Assembled in Daihatsu’s Indonesian plant, the Terios 7 has been extended some 315mm, so as to accommodate that much-needed extra row of seats. Suffice to say, Daihatsu did a good job with this one – at least it doesn’t look too extended and somewhat a botched job.


Designed for maximum driver and passenger convenience and comfort, the Terios' modern, sporty interior excels in ease of use. Second-row seats tumbles forward for access to third-row seat. The third-row seat can also be stored to make room for luggage up to 320 litres (VDA). Both row of seats can be tumbled forward to create a massive 600 litres (VDA) of luggage compartment.

The actual colors of the vehicle may vary from the colors shown.