Toyota D.G.Khan Motors provides a complete range to Toyota - Daihatsu Genuine parts at our dealership. We strongly promote and recommend our valued customers to use Genuine Toyota-Daihatsu (Parts & Lubricants) for their vehicles. The use of the genuine parts is a very important thing. The basic reason behind all this is to be the best of the best when it comes to vehicles performance.

The genuine products actually give an extra life to the car, and you can drive your car without any hazel. Using genuine spare parts guarantees the reliable, efficient and safe operation of your car.

Genuine spare parts save your money by increasing uptime and operating cost.

Toyota Motor Oil best fits the Toyota and Daihatsu vehicles, as it is specially designed for the Toyota and Daihatsu vehicles and it gives an added advantage to the vehicle. Genuine Toyota Motor Oil is a special combination of lube base stocks and a special additive package that provides your engine with optimum performance

To maintain the quality of your Toyota and Daihatsu, use the motor oil that is formulated specifically for your vehicle - Genuine Toyota Motor Oil.

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In collaboration with , Toyota D.G.Khan Motors brings you Online Parts Catalogue section which provides detailed part number and its information. With this online catalogue our D.G.Khan Motors customers can easily find out the exact part number of the required parts for their vehicles which can be helpful in ordering right parts from any authorized dealer in the country.

Click here to see the Online Parts Catalogue.

*Note: The prices quoted are international approximate retail prices and are not applicable in Pakistan. For price confirmation of the required parts / part number, kindly use the Online Inquiry Feature and our Spare Parts correspondent will get back to you.